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Top Tier Features, Mid Tier Price?? - Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE Showcase

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3 hours ago, bindydad123 said:

now aren't these showcase type of videos suppose to go onto ShortCircuit ?

I don't even know if shortcircut was around when this was filmed, and it's not on the right set.

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My Note8 cost 230 USD. Instead of paying 300 for a watch, I'd rather just get a Note 6 or Note 9.

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15 hours ago, Adimo said:

Where did the beard go ?

Its pre produced I guess. Normally you wont noticed that.

From AT. :x

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So a "slightly" updated LG Urbane 2nd Edition? I think I'll keep using mine, esp at the near $400 CAD price tag.


Imo this showcase should have been sponsored by Google because it felt more like a WearOS showcase more so than the watch lol.

RAM is one thing, however unlike phones now the chipset with a good OS is the real money maker on whether or not it'll be fast and snappy, since apparently the 2100 is the same as my 400 but smaller and mildly better performance, with the new 2.0 my watch is more responsive than when it was on the older version which doesn't give much reason for a old user to upgrade.

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I dont know if it was intentional or not @CPotter, but I think this video has been missed from Floatplane? I had a look to see if I had missed it from a while back but couldnt find it, just FYI

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