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Testing Methodology for new 10thGen Review

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey everyone, 


I just wanted to know if anyone knows what testing methodology for the CPUs the team used in the new review, as it seems important.


If they were testing the Ten-Nine-Hundred Kay (awful name) at their unlimited 250W, but then the 3900X using 150W, it doesn't seem too fair.


Just because there's a 16% improvement in performance for gaming doesn't mean it's worth the 78% more power draw.


BC Hydro's Power Calc gives the result of (6hrs/day, 1 year) of 328.50kWh & $36.73 for R9 and 547.50kWh & $61.21 for i9.


If anyone has the info please link it below as it would be interesting to see what the cost of 16% is for both i9 against the R9



10900K Power: LTT 10900K Review

3900X Power: Gamers Nexus Review

Power Cost Calcs: BC Hydro Cost Calculator

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