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random crash during game session GTX970

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Posted · Original PosterOP
Hello, recently I have a problem that happens randomly and only in game and only in certain games. When I launch Rocket league for example I have these color screens that appear.
 In addition I still hear the sound of the game and also discord. I can hear them for a few seconds or else until I turn off the computer.

This problem does not appear in all games. The games with which I encounter this problem are: Rocket league and trackmania. i also play at csgo(only one crash in maybe 30 hours and it was a black screen), Escape from tarkov, no man's sky without crash.

I can either do a long session and not have a crash or otherwise this problem appears at launch or after a few minutes.

In game my gpu reach approximately 80°C.

My specs:

Ryzen 5 2600

TUF B450-plus Gaming

2*8 GO ram corsair 3000 MHz

Gigabyte GTX 970 4GO blower

PSU: Venom POWER 850 W

Bios version: 1607

I need help to know what is the problem because i saw on the web that it can come from the PSU or the GTX 970 and i can't change both of them

THANKS for your Help.

crash 2.jpg

crash 3.jpg

crash 1.jpg

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