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Bidding - Automatically Invoke An Action After Countdown Reach 0 or once end date has been reached

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Sorry if this has been asked before. I've tried googling to no avail.

I'm using ASP.NET (VB.NET) and SQL Server 2014.

This is my situation : I'm creating a bidding system. The bidding is done by session. For example, session 1, bidding time is on 20 april 2020 - 30 april 2020. In 1 session, there will be multiple items to be bid on. The bidding itself is done separately from each item.

My problem here is that, once the bidding ends or timer on page reach 0, I need to send email to the participant automatically for all items.

Solution that I have think of but might not work :

  1. I've thought about doing a dynamic job using sql server, but there is permission issue and also might be taxing on database server.

  2. Once the timer reach 0, the page will automatically invoke a stored proc that will process the winner and then send the email, problem with this method, is that, what if there is no one on any pages, so no email will be sent at all.

Please share your opinion and thoughts. Thanks in advance.

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use a cronjob, to poll every second or so.

btw, it doesn't sound like it has to be immediate. hell, emails routinely take about a minute to be delivered, so just run a cron job every 30s/1m for a less taxing routine

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Posted · Original PosterOP

thanks for the reply.. i'll give it a try and see how it goes.. thanks again!

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