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Email notifications only when away

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Some other forums I'm a member of (that are based on the Discourse forum system) have an option to "only email you if we haven't seen you in the last minute." I prefer the system you've set up here (to the Discourse based forums) but I really wish there was a way to keep email notifications on but only receive them when I'm not actively browsing the forum; when I'm here I get the pop-up at the bottom and I don't need an email for the same notification (but I would like that notification when I'm not actively browsing). Or did I just miss that option in Notification Settings? I searched for similar suggestions but didn't find anything.

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That's a good suggestion. It's not something that would be very easy for us to add, but I've suggested it to the forum software devs for consideration for a future update. It's unlikely to get implemented any time soon (we've just missed the cutoff for a feature release, and the next one won't be for a minimum of a year and likely considerably longer), but it may get consideration at some point in the future.

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