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Will a 2080 ti bottleneck my cpu?

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I'm new and don't really know much about bottle necking. My current setup is an MSI GTX 1080 and an i5-8600k on an MSI Z370-A PRO motherboard. I run most of my games at high settings when possible at 1080p 144hz. I want to run newer games at 1440p 144hz (Cyberpunk 2077 is at the top of the list when it comes out). I want to upgrade my GPU to an EVGA RTX 2080 Ti Black. (I'm not sure how big a difference between the black and the xc ultra is but I'd like to know if the extra $150 would be worth it also). My question is if I need to upgrade my cpu as well or if I am fine to just get a new graphics card?


Thanks for reading any help is much appreciated.

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For the CPU you have now it may not matter what 2080 ti you get but if you plan on upgrading and overclocking the card it matters a lot.


The Black has a power limit of 112% and the XC has a power limit of 130%.  The XC Ultra takes up 3 slots and the Black 2.  So the XC runs faster and cooler. If you ever decide to water cool the card the XC is a good choice and the Black is a bad choice.


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depends on the CPU

depends on the programs/games

depends on your game settings


bottlenecking has more than just the hardware involed.


Linus has a great video explaining this.

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I am not sure it bottlenecks it to any great degree, judging by this video:




Which has the 2080 ti in 4 different set ups I5 8400 vs I7 8700K vs I7 8700 vs I5 8600K, and the framerate difference is pretty small.  Like 10 FPS at 1440p ultra settings in most of the games.


Compared to 2080 ti and an i9 9900k, in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, 130 fps, i5 8600k 113 fps in that video at ultra.


Yes it is less, yes you would get more out of a better CPU, but not a great deal more - given the amount you might need to spent.  I mean 27 fps isn't that huge.

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I would say yes. For those kind of frame rates I would recommend the best CPU you can afford. It will also help with future-proofing.

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