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GPU not displaying

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So when I first got my GPU 2 months ago, I overclocked it right out of the box when I installed it. I got to +130mhz on core and +1000mhz on memory. Everything has been smooth sailing (except for a tiny bit of coil whining). A couple of days ago I turned on my pc and my main monitor wouldn't output displayport, the hdmi port worked fine but no displayport. I tried putting in my old 1060 which I knew had a working displayport and nothing popped up on the monitor. Today, I'm running my main monitor on hdmi. I turned on my pc when I woke up and all my RGB and fans turned on and everything was fine but my monitor said out of range, I restarted my pc and everything was fine. I go downstairs and come back upstairs and my monitor says no input detected, restart pc and then said no input detected, restarted again and im perfectly fine right now but could overclocking my memory to +1000mhz damage any of the displayports or hdmi ports on the card? 

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