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Window placement on dual-monitor setup messes up when fullscreen game runs at different to desktop resolution

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have a dual-monitor setup on my PC, primary monitor in the middle and secondary to the right, so I can keep an eye on stuff on the secondary while I'm running the main app or game on the primary. Whenever a fullscreen game runs at a resolution that's different to the desktop resolution of the primary monitor, all the window locations get messed up, and it's no help alt-tabbing out and re-arranging them because they mess up again when I go back to the game. Is there any way to prevent this or am I stuck?

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You can't do anything about it, beside running your games in window mode or native resolution. It will screw up the window positions even if you have 1 screen.


This is simply the fact that programs wants to be visible on your screen work area. Think of a laptop that connects to a dual screen setup, or set as a single screen setup but a higher resolution one that and the one of the laptop, and then it gets unplugged to use on the go... all these apps won't be visible if moved outside of the screen area of the laptop. This was just an example. It applies to screen resolution changes on the desktop as well, something more popular when we had CRT monitors where pixels remained sharp.


Depending on the application implementation, it will be the application itself that detects resolution changes and move itself to view, or Windows itself handling this as the application didn't request that it will handle the task to Windows.


I believe this was introduced since Windows 95, if not earlier

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