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Can someone help me?

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Recently we have been having some WiFi issues in our home with disconnections and poor speeds around the house so we upgraded our connection to a 350mbps connection to try and resolve some of our issues however this has not made much of a difference. Now I’m thinking it’s due to the ISPs router unit, it’s a Virgin media super hub 3.0. So I’m thinking of buying a Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LR and disabling the WiFi on the virgin hub. Does anyone think this will help resolve my issue? Also if I did get a UAP-AC-LR would I also need the unify cloud key?

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I will likely help, as disconnections from WiFi are going to be related to the access point itself, not your internet data plan. Whether it's enough to offer good signal across your whole property, it's impossible to say without knowing how large it is, where the AP is located, thickness of walls and such. 


You don't need a Cloud Key. You just need a PC to run the UniFi controller on for initial setup, then you can pretty much just leave it. Controller doesn't actually need to be running so you can set it up once and then never touch it again. 

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