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Used mining GPU making games crash?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I recently upgraded systems, but kept my current graphics card. I wanted to put another card into my old system so I could give it to someone else. I found a 980 ti on craigslist that was used for mining. The card works well most of the time but freezes up or crashes to a solid color after a few seconds in a couple games I tried. I updated drivers, temps are solid, and fans are working fine. Is this a known issue for mining cards?

For those interested, the games that crashed were Sekiro, and Doom 2016, which worked fine after putting my other card back in.

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Sorry to say but lesson learned, mining cards are run 24/7 and an old card like a 980ti was probably run for years non stop. It's a hurting unit.

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4 minutes ago, LinusTipTips said:

Is the crashing an indicator of a hurting unit? Just making sure that is indeed the problem here

I would try to reset the bios of the card. it might be a mining bios.

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