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Chinese App in my MIUI Global ROM | What is this? Help.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I have a Xiaomi Mi6 with MIUI Global 11.0.6.

I was browsing the list of my apps and then on the very bottom is a Chinese App named " 小米金服安全组件 ". Can anyone help me if this is a malware or anything? Thank you!


Here is the app along with its version.



The apk name is " com.xiaomi.jr.security ".




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Not a malware, it's some sort of Xiaomi payment system i believe? you can safely uninstall or disable it. 

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The app is by Xiaomi, probably for some service that is only present in China

They probably just got lazy and did not translate the name becuase no one on Global rom will use it

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judging by the name, it's some sort of system level service (like play service) for xiaomi's payment system.

it shouldnt matter that much in theory.


but not in theory is almost every app that targets chinese users have some sort of shady behaviours. uninstall it if possible.

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