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My motherboard will not come out of the case

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2 minutes ago, AllergicBird said:

I just got my new case in the mail a phantoms p300 and I am putting the parts in my new case. I have been stuck on my motherboard not removing from the case and it is driving me insane there is not a single screw that is still in it. It is an around b360 gaming 3 wifi. 


This is an ATX motherboard.

Just to be sure you have removed all screws, you should be able to see 9 screw posts currently do not have a screw in them. Is that correct?

Look at the back I/O of the motherboard and ensure there are no grounding tabs sticking into the ports and just nothing else in the ports there that could make it so the board is stuck.

Also, some cases have what they call a 'post'. It is a little piece that holds in the motherboard. So instead of a screw, usually the middle motherboard holes is supported by a post. Could the board be stuck on that?

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It would help if you went a little slower in the video, I can't really see if there are any screws left in it. I see 7 screw holes on the motherboard, make sure you removed all of them. Also the motherboard has an integrated I/O cover so you might have to tilt the board before removing it in order for the I/O cover to clear. 

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