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GPU black screen, max fan rpm and power cycle

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Posted · Original PosterOP



i5 9600k (oc'd to 4.9ghz)

Asus prime z370-A II

Corsair vengeance LPX 2x8gb

MSI RX580 Armor 8g OC

Corsair TX650M


I've recently started playing Cities:Skylines again, updated my mods list with some new graphics mods etc. Then I started experiencing issues with my GPU where I would play for a bit (up to 15 minutes but often only a few) until my screen would go black and my GPU fans would ramp up to maximum RPM. The computer is still clearly running in some capacity as I can hear the game music is still playing even with no display. This makes me think that the CPU OC isn't an issue.


I have played the game with no mods installed (also played in DX9) and the issue didn't arise, this might be because it wasn't pushing the GPU to 100%. All of the mods I use haven't got any recorded incompatibilities which makes me lean towards this being a hardware issue. Possibly the mods are causing issues but I would expect the game to crash rather than the whole GPU. 


I was watching the temps with AMD radeon software during gameplay, all seems normal just before it crashes.

Readout was

FPS: 45

GPU util: 97%

GPU SCLK: 1257 MHz

GPU power: 107W

GPU temp: 64C

GPU fan: 3532RPM

GPU VRAM util: 5470MB

GPU MCLK: 2000 MHz


I haven't experienced the issue in Forza horizon 4, GTA V or FurMark, all of which push it to 100%.


I've started thinking that this may be a power supply or RAM issue, since I have also been experiencing a power cycle before post ever since I built the PC (even between CMOS resets). Basically when I press the on button, the fans spin up for a second and the relay in the PSU clicks, then after about a second the fans stop and PSU clicks again. Then the PC boots up normally. This only happens on the first boot after I have turned the PSU on using the physical switch. Just shutting down and turning on again doesn't cause it. As far as I'm aware this power cycling isn't normal.


I built this system in January of this year (used GPU and CPU but everything else new)


Things I've tried:

Reseat GPU

Turn off fast boot

Verify game data

Try with both sticks of RAM separately (for power cycle issue)

I haven't yet updated the GPU BIOS as I'm not sure which is the correct BIOS file to use.


Thanks in advance 😀


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Posted · Original PosterOP
17 minutes ago, KingBoodah said:

Had the same issue, repasted GPU and it fixed it for me

Thanks for the reply, was this with the same card? I've seen a few reports of repaste working but I don't want to void the warranty (if it is even valid since it is a used card).

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