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Hi there,


I was wondering if it would be possible to add something to the forum where users could sign up to specific threads (categories? Idk what they are called) and they would get an alert if there is a topic in that section that has been posted for a week (or other time frame) and had no replies so they could reply to it.



I am far from an expert in this so please correct me if I’m wrong.

Quote or tag me so I can see your response


PSU Tier List

Motherboard Tier List


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You could just go back through the pages and check. I think an alert would be a little overkill and would likely fill your notifications.

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Just browse forums like normal person. You can follow subforums, but that doesn't filter out anything. You can also setup custom searches or activity feeds (and limit to certain subforums). But as discussed previously, those lack some customization.


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It's possible by using a custom sort to find posts without replies within a set time period.


On the subforum in the top right corner of the list of posts click the sort by drop down menu and select custom.

Select sort by replies, sort direction ascending (so that the posts with the fewest replies are shown first), and choose the time frame.




That will then give you a list of threads organised by how many replies they have received within the timeframe.


Though just because a thread has received replies does not mean it's found solution. There may still be people who have received replies to their thread who still need help or the advice that has been given could be improved upon.

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you can follow subforums and specific threads.

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