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Forum app (invision app)

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so is this a first-party app from invision themselves as a universal invision-based forum frontend, or is this a forkable project for other invision-based forum teams to adapt? o_o


because if it's the former there's not much anyone else can do (other than get the users to use it), and if it's the latter see pinned thread ._.

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Looks interesting, but I am going to assume making this forum work on the app is going to be quite a bit of hassle/troubleshooting since this forum has quite a few functions added to the main software.

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To add in previous, the article in link talks about upcoming 4.5 version. If this forum would support app, it would be looked into after 4.5 upgrade. Since that version is not released by IPS, the app will not be here this year.

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The IPS app hasn't been released yet, and I wasn't entirely sold on it when I tried their alpha. Once it is released we will definitely evaluate it, but it's not guaranteed that we will support it once it is released.

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