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Does m2 standoff and screw material conductivity matter?

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Posted · Original PosterOP



I have bought a new M2 SSD and as it is a common problem I am missing the screw and standoff (not pre-installed on motherboard, nowhere to be found in packaging).
I live in Greece and needless to say there are absolutely no options to buy from eg amazon in my country, and even if it was possible it would cost a fortune for shipping.


So, after hours of searching locally and on internet shops in my country, I found an online store selling an M2 standoff:



I'm not too knowledgeable with electronics in general, and what I'm worried about is if the electrical conductivity of brass and nickel matters for this specific usage.

Every M2 ssd standoff/screw I see on big retailers like amazon targeted specifically to SSD installation are stainless steel which makes sense, so I thought I'd ask before making such a purchase to avoid doing something stupid that would short my Motherboard and/or SSD.


So, does the material of the standoff and the screw actually matter?

And if it does, are there any suggested alternative ways I could install the SSD without having to worry too much about damaging it given that the absolute letdown of a country I live in doesn't really offer many tooling and part options?


Thanks in advance.

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@csdio (just a guess) but i dont think it matters as i think most or all mounting points that have that brass or gold or solder on older boards are ground points so unless it gets damaged badly usually from over tightening but again i dont think it makes much difference

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Posted · Original PosterOP

@RojiK, @Kon-Tiki Thank you both for the feedback!
I was getting hopeless, it is so annoying that SSD manufacturers can't be bothered to include a couple of <$1 parts that would make the product "complete"...

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