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Pirates Get A Lesson On Their Actions

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A game within a game. Game Dev Tycoon allows you to develop games and engines while trying to develop your small company to be the next EA. But for an apparent 97% of the people who played the game they could not get far because they were plagued by piracy and people pirating there big ticket games. As people took to the forums wanting help with what to do the game devs let people know that the cracked copy of the game was changed to allow for your game to be pirated and thus your company would fail. The developers released the cracked copy at the time of the legal download so that people could understand what piracy does to businesses and even more so to small businesses and I think they proved a point.


This is quite the eye opener to allow for people to see the direct result of there actions and how it is not such a small deal. Some people have the mentality of they seem to think they are the only ones doing it so the $7 the game costs won't be missed. But as we see from this game of the over 3k downloads only 3% of the people actually bought it. For a small developer this just sets you on a road to failure. While there are some people who do not pay for games and only pirate, others sometimes can not afford it because of lack of income or want a demo before they throw their money at a game they have no idea about.


Piracy within the gaming community and the movie/music industry are quite different. As movies can make money not just from theatre release, but from dvd sales and tv slots. Gaming companies usually get the majority of there money from initial release or when the game goes on sale later on resulting in lower profit. Hopefully for the people that pirate games you understand a little bit better that the effect it has is bigger than you think. 



Sources: Eurogamer


"It says blah blah our game got pirated stuff like that. Is there some way to avoid that? I mean can I research a DRM or something?"


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There are working versions of Game Dev Tycoon on TPB. Just putting it out there, pirates aren't moronic and you can never beat them. Unless you're Batman. 


Also an interesting topic to check out: http://www.exposingthetruth.co/file-sharers-will-not-be-held-liable-for-piracy-russia-says/

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