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Setting up file share across two switches

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Posted · Original PosterOP

My home network consists of two routers at two ends of the house connected via an ethernet cable. I usually have my PC(wired) and laptop(wireless) connected to the router at my end, while on the other end my dad has his PC(wired) connected. Internet works totally fine. But I'm having trouble sharing files between my PC and his. my laptop can my PC's shared files no problem. But his PC can't. I've tried taking my laptop over to his end of the house, connecting to the wifi of that router, and my laptop loses access to the shared files as well. It simply can't find/connect to my PC's IP. Both switches and 3 computers mentioned do have static IP's so that's that. Can someone help me understand why this isn't working, and maybe how I could share files easily across these computers?


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Some things I would check.


1) Networking isn't likely your problem however can you ping each computer in the network? 

2) Share Permissions - When creating a windows Share make sure that on the share permissions everyone has full control. This seems contrary to security but it is what it is. 

3) Windows Firewall could also be blocking access if the one computer isn't in the same "Zone" as the other. Try turning the Windows Firewall off and see if that makes a difference.

4) Make File and Print Sharing is on. Though that seems like a most unlikely part of the problem. 

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The right one should net be used as router but just as dumb switch/access point. They can usually be configured to be so. All Ethernet cables on it must then be connected to the LAN ports, nothing in WAN.

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Well all those devices are on the same network, so this isn't routing, its just networking, if you have static address are you actually using reservations in the routers, 


if both those routers are handing out DHCP you could end up with a lovely address conflict! 

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Posted · Original PosterOP

1. We can ping each other's computer.

2. Share permissions are fine. Even tried with setting full read/write control to Everyone

3. Tried turning firewall off. No use.

4. It is on, on both computer, as ON as it can be xD



The one on the right was a router with a busted WAN port. It is configured to be nothing more than a switch. DHCP turned off and all. Works like a switch, just as you said.



I have DHCP turned off on the right one, don't worry.


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Well as i've worked in IT for years my best mantra is, "A ping does not mean a thing!" essentailly a ping response can come from anywhere and not actually from the destination you are trying to reach. 


What does tracert tell you? do you have device discovery on, on both computers ? 



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Posted · Original PosterOP

@Technane My problem is now fixed apparently. I've been trying to get device on my other "switch" to connect to my PC for about a few months. I post here, and it suddenly works for no reason. However, network discovery doesn't show computers on the other switch from my PC. Any way to make that possible?

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