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Noctua vs Be Quiet!

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi guys, galls and otherkins 

I'm in the process of planning an upgrade of my computer for once RTX3xxx and intel 109900k hits the market. Not because i really need it, but because my girlfriend needs a new hand-me-down computer - alt least that's what i've let her to believe ;)

But i was wondering whether or not i should stop being a Be Quiet fanboi and spring for a Noctua NH-D15 Chromax black, and hand my "old" Dark Rock 4 pro over to my girlfriend.

So i was wondering if anyone who has any experience with running an NH-D15 would write a bit about their experience on a top tier intel platform, once it's been running for at few months. 
I'm Especially curious when it comes to noise, since my main goal is to have as silent a computer as possible. Which is why i've been fanboiing over Be Quiet for years now.

So yeah
Help a brother (and his girlfriend) out



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Pick which you like more. They are very close, with Chromaxx maybe being bit ahead.

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They are almost identical but personally i like the dark rock pro 4 because its a bit quieter and i personally think it looks nicer

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