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Asus G14 screen goes black

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I got my Asus Rog Zephyrus G14 delivered yesterday. Its performance is as good as everybody imagined with the AMD 4900HS processor.


But the screen suddenly goes dark at times (mostly while using Chrome). I have to long press power button to restart it. 


Anyone having similar issues? 

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RMA it imo - sounds like something isn't working right.

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This is, apparently, a known issue. My screen started doing it today too. (Got my laptop on Tuesday, didn't start until 2 days later, but I've mostly been running games until today.)

There are several threads on Reddit about it. From one of the posts:

It's believed to be something to do with the drivers on the Radeon chip. if you press Windows+shift+ctrl+b it'll perk the computer back up because it actually boots the drivers again on the chip. Most haven't had issues with it while running games(since it switches to the RTX, and it's a Radeon issue.) Also try turning Freesync off in the radeon chip settings, it's under Radeon Lite(in your programs)

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has anyone looked into upgrading the ram or is it just me i know 16 is enough but i'm looking into future proofing this laptop any suggestions also i've had the laptop for about a month some problems you might face is over heating and of course the blackout on the screen other than that this laptop has been great

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