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Hearing water trickle from my EVGA 2080S Hybrid?!?!?

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I purchased a RTX 2080S Hybrid and often I can hear the noise of water trickling. It is very audible, last for a few seconds, but comes and goes. It doesn't matter if I am gaming or my PC is Idling it will make that noise every.. about 10min or so. I have the rad positioned at the back of the case as exhaust. 


Does orientation of the tubes coming out the top or bottom matter? To clarify if you looked at my setup the radiator is vertical with the tubes coming out the top. Should I rotate it so that the tubes are at the bottom? Does the orientation matter? And does the water trickling noise even matter?

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probably has air bubbles in the line, if its a custom loop, best way is to position the lines up away from the block towards the top of the rad, let it run without the machine being on to get the bubbles out, might want to have a few towels to be safe.


ignore that last bit... try to have the hoses oriented towards the top of the case or run the system without the rad being in the system for a bit, and move it around to get the bubbles out. sorry forgot that this is a hybrid card.

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I'd orient the tubes to be coming out the bottom to see if that solves it (that way all the air goes to the top of the rad where it won't make noise) but what you're hearing is probably normal.


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