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Controlling RGB with Razer Chroma Visualizer, Modding MSI Mystic Light

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello guys and ladies,

I recently build a Computer using the following (relevant) parts:
-MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC

-AMD Wraith Prism stock cooler (by Cooler Master)

-4x Corsair SP120 RGB fans (connected over RGB hub to JCorsair header on MoBo)

-2 sticks of DDR4 g.Skill TridentZ RGB RAM

-Razer DeathAdder Chroma (non Elite, non V2; normaly requires Synapse 2.0)

-Razer Cynosa Chroma

-Razer Goliathus Chroma


I observed the following thing:

I started this journey by fullfilling the wish to control my old Synapse 2.0 DeathAdder Chroma mouse with the recent version of Razer software(s).

I encountered that using the Chroma Visualizer it is possible to sync keyboard, mouse and mousepad in different modes by applying  "always on " and my "standard audio-device", setting visualization and background to the same effect and applying the same brightness.

A little later I realized, that also my Wraith Prism CPU cooler was lit up in the representative colour(s).  After clicking through the Razer Synapse tabs, i saw that under "connect" the "MSI_LED.exe" was deactivated.

Checking MSI Mystic light, I realised, it was no longer controlling the RGB of the CPU cooler, and deactivating the "Game sync" mode, also added the MoBo and the g.Skill RAM LEDs to the synchronized LEDs.


BUT, by deactivating Mystic lights "game sync", the MoBo seems to loose the configuration for my SP120 fans, which results in mostly off LEDs and alternating flickering.

I  observed such behaviour already on my primary system, when selecting the wrong sort of Corsair fans (e.g. HD, LL, etc.).


So I assume, deactivating the "game sync" leads to the selection of the default sort of Corsair fans for the JCorsair header. 

Does anyone have a clue on how I can set my SP fans as default by modding MSI Mystic Light?

Thanks in advance ;D

PS. I could check for Corsair ML and LL fans, for beeing set as default...
(Albeit ML fans are not selectable in Mystic Light)

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