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Question about launcher shortcuts

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Bear with me on this one as it's a bit of a niche problem I imagine.

I have an awful lot of shortcuts on my desktop and to try and make it all cleaner and nicer without just having loads of folders I installed Tago Fences so I could set up containers with shortcuts to different categories of things (and have the same item in multiple containers), which I'm loving apart from one annoying thing. For proper shortcuts it is showing me the correct icon in the container, however, for internet shortcuts it shows a generic shortcut icon, this means all of the games that I have that use a launcher don't have an icon in the container but do on the desktop. It appears to be something to do with the way that Win 10 typecasts the shortcut object. So the question is:

Does anyone know of a way to create a 'proper' shortcut out of a url?


I know that I could go through my library and create shortcuts to the game's .exe but then you lose some of the added value that a launcher provides (e.g. steam controller mapping or online play) and some games don't seem to want to work at all without being launched via the launcher (RDR2 I'm looking in your direction).

Any help or suggestions would be greatly received but I may just have to end up paying the money for stardock fences as I think that offers a bit more functionality (but I am tight so I'd probably just end up living with this).

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You can launch 5-10 recent games from launchers task bar icon. Also many launcher option you add can be added to shortcuts. Like windowed mode. Shortcut is pretty much same as if you would press play on launcher. It activates same files.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Thanks, not quite what I was after though and have just given up and gone with stardock fences. I still think I prefer the way tago fences looks and works, but it looks like it's been out of support for many years so I took the easy option.

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