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RTX 3000 series excitement post

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I'm highly anticipating a 3080 Ti. Hopefully it won't be as expensive as the 2080 Ti just because of the Cov19 downturn incoming.

nvidia tend to keep upping their price, especially because they don't have any high-end competition from AMD 😭

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I'm excited because it will be on 7nm. I'm expecting a refresh though. 

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10 hours ago, Dravinian said:

I have the 970, I do not think the upgrade from them to a 2060 is marginal.  The testing I have seen add 100 fps, to a game like Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.   that is from a base point of 35-40fps.


That is substantial.


More than that, I couldn't even get Shadow of the Tomb Raider to run on a single 970, and it would only load when i was running 2 of them in SLI - I didn't have SLI set-up prior to trying to run the game, as I had moved and forgot I took off the bridge so I didn't lose it.  Pretty sure it runs fine on a 2060 single card.


970 at launch was $329.  2060 at launch was $349 for a founders edition, according to Anandtech.


There is an inflation calculator online for US dollars that specifies that $329 dollars from 2014 is worth $358 today.


So the 2060 was roughly $9 dollars cheaper than the 970 would be in equivalent terms.


Sure Titan's and 2080 Ti's are ridiculous, but I am not sure much else has changed, other than performance.

Maybe its just me, but I don't feel a big difference. And maybe the titles I play are more CPU dependent than extremely gpu dependent (except red dead 2 which I never played on the 970). But I would have found the 2060super for 350€ a much more reasonable upgrade than the 450 I had to pay for it.



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Posted · Original PosterOP
5 hours ago, SparkiTom said:

I'm highly anticipating a 3080 Ti. Hopefully it won't be as expensive as the 2080 Ti just because of the Cov19 downturn incoming.

nvidia tend to keep upping their price, especially because they don't have any high-end competition from AMD 😭

Yup me too! The 3080 as a minimum, is what I'm going for. I will go for the 3080 Ti but it depends on how much later if will release compared to the 3080 non-Ti

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I'm more interested to see the upcoming AMD Navi 2.0 cards early next year. Hopefully, that will force Nvidia to drop their stupid overcharged 2080 ti card down to a affordable price. The price gap (500 usd) between 2070 super and 2080 ti is just not reasonable for that marginal performance gain :P


Even 1080 ti, a card from 2017 remained its ridiculous launch price because it has no AMD competitors. 

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Not in the slightest because Nvidia is just Fing us over... sandbagging as much as possible and while price gauging as much as possible 


We needed to wait for the 2XXX series (and mainly for the 2080 ti a 1500 euro card) to be able to play at 4k... a resolution that has been mainstream for quite a few years... 


its going to release faster cards at the same or even more ridiculous price-points because there is no competition...


We have gotten to a point where the 3rd best tier graphics cards (2080 super) cost as much as people would spend on their entire PC (700 to 800 euros) and the best part of it is that its not even actually their 3rd tier card its like their 4th tier because even RTX titan is not the full fledged turing chip... they are just sandbagging at (literally and figuratively ) the expense of the consumer.. 


I hope that AMD hits back with some competition because long are gone the good old days where you had basically simple SKUs (an entry level card a couple of mid level a sweet-point card that was a few clicks bellow the flagship at a competitive price and the flagship which used to cost around 400-500 bucks or so which even that pricetag was frowned upon back when we had real tech-journalists and not sponsored youtubers...) 


Now a 2080 ti costs as much as some people get paid for a full time job per month or in two months and that's excluding "developing" countries which need to sell their kidney and like a lung to get one lol.  

People can buy a motorcycle at that price tag! (which is a thousand + part product that needs assembly lines with humans involved etc also huge shipping cost due to size and weight and tax regulation/fees not present in a graphics card export which is basically printed by robots .)

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