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Iracing VR opinions on hardware

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Ok so not a gamer and my actual profession is a race car mechanic. We have a rig at work with a racing seat on rails with a decent pedal/steering wheel setup for iracing. My boss asked me to update the computer.....it's an ibm with a p4 lol I said no. However we have a Dell t3610 sitting there with a e5-1620v2 in it. Core clock is 3.7 hyperthreaded quad. He wanted me to look into a triple screen and I thought why not vr. So with an oculas rift vr setup can I expect my Xeon to be fast enough? I have no idea how cpu intensive this game in VR is. GPU I was planning on using in a rtx2060. Cpu options could be an e5-1660v2 which is a faster 6 core that should be unlocked. I know the 1620 is locked. If it matters it's running everything from a 512gb Intel SSD and 16gb 1866 eec memory in quad channel. To start an actual build is not going to happen. He has no concept on what computers cost and if I go to high with the price it just flat out won't happen. I just don't want to get the goggles and the game be crap.

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As a fellow iRacer i can say the CPU will be fine, even if you upraded the CPU it's probably not overclockable using T3610 motherboard anyway.


An RTX 2060 would be fine but a Super would be better.  Also check the power supply in the Dell to make sure is capable of connecting and powering the GPU.


I have a team in iRacing and one of our drivers is also a race mechanic, he works for Toyota doing the LMP stuff. He uses the HP Reverb for his VR.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'll look into deals on the 2060 super for sure. The Dell boards are not overclockable but I've done it using throttle stop. The PSU is the 685 watt. I just have to get the evga harness to take my 2 6 pin GPU power leads into one 8 pin.

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Yeah should be fine.


Another team mate runs a CV1 Rift with an  i5 3570k and an RX 580 and he manages fine so happy days! :)

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