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PoorDaddy Rig Issues.

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi there,


I had done my build since few days ago. Download the games and everything I needed, and having high hopes for gaming, then I face issue everyday.


Below is the spec I take from the topic that I started at the Building & Planning thread:

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600 stock cooler with fan speed at max all the time

MoBo: AsRock B450M Pro4 official website BIOS 3.90, all the driver installed properly.

GPU: GIGABYTE GEFORCE GTX 1660 SUPER OC 6G(updated driver to the latest)

RAM: Avexir Core2 16GB kit 2x8GB( XMP 2.0 3200mhz)

SSD: Salvage from my laptop, Transcend 120GB SATA 2.5"

HDD: Salvage from my laptop, Samsung Momentus 5400rpm 1TB

Monitor: ACER KG241QA 23.6" 

Case + CM MWE 500w + RGB Fan + Artic MX4


After few tries of just taking the SSD which previously are running on laptop with Windows 10 on it to run on the new rig, facing couple of issue and decide to fresh install the Windows, format the SSD and installed a fresh Windows on it and activated.


Issues that I am facing:


  1. Even I am setting Low setting in Apex Legends, after gaming for a few minutes then it will either stuck or jam or force close, followed all the repair and fixing guide at EA sites won't help at all. Even the game takes extra long time load compare with the games at Steam and BattleNet which I installed on the slow 1TB HDD, in short I can't game the Apex Legends on 1080p which the graphics become horrible and can't render the game properly at all.
  2. Boot up time: I can compare the boot up time differ from my laptop, my Lenovo Y410P before died had a i7 4700MQ and 12GB of DDR3 1800mhz RAM. My laptop boot up faster than my new rig even I set the Ultra Fast Boot Up on the BIOS. The comparison of the time being boot up is 15seconds on laptop and new rig takes 30seconds to boot up by using the same SSD.
  3. Fixing and Repairing Disk: During few boot up yesterday, as my PC is showing the AsRock logo and a dots are circulating on the bottom of the logo during boot up, I saw those words of writing Repairing Disk  D or F. Is it normal?
  4. Idle Temp: As I am typing this topic, I am downloading games at BattleNet at the background, and the CPU idle temp is 50deg Celsius. Is it normal? I had replace the thermal compound to Arctic MX4. GPU also consistantly sitting at 50deg Celsius as well. But I am sitting on a 24deg Celsius ambient temp room. Is it normal? Attached report from HWMonitor and CPU-Z.


Thanks in advance. 

hwmonitorw.ini POORDADDY.txt

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