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Questions about splicing a fan plug with a case led plug to restore power to front leds.

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Hey everyone so I recently upgraded the built in cooler in my Deepcool genome 1 as it's 4+ years old and Deepcool isn't considered the most reliable brand. But while swapping things over I noticed something werid. The front LEDs that would pulse periodically were actually connected to the water pump. I don't know if they receive power or if it was a sensor merely to tell the lights when to pulse.  I mateched the cables by color and removed the unnecessary 2 cables on the fan connector, and soldered them together. I am wondering if this will work or if im going to just overvolt something by using my ghetto adapter.




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are we taling hhd led or power led? the hhd led has to go to the hhd led plug or it wont light up when the hhd is active. as for the power led you could pull power from well anyware so long as you no what voltage your pulling and how much your led can handle. off hand i dont no what the normal power led voltage is. if you don't have the right voltage too much you need a resister to drop the voltage to the right amount. dont no why you can just just the normal power plug on the mb...

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