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Replacement cable for PSU from another vendor

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I have EVGA SuperNova G2 650 W 80+ Gold PSU.

I am thinking of buying a new GPU (PowerColor AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB Red Devil Graphics Card) But after reading more on it I found that you need 2x8 Power cables.

Opened up my case, to find that my current GPU (R9 290) Uses 8+6 (6+2 and 6) which comes from a single split cable that connects to my PSU.

I vaguely remember there being a 2nd cable like this but after going through my house twice I was not able to find it.


I need a replacement for it. Looking at EVGA site I found individually sleeved ones that are pretty much the same or even more expensive cables than buying the same PSU and it arriving with cables.


I emailed EVGA EU with a replacement question but am concerned that like any other support it will takes days or even weeks to answer.


Went to eBay to see if theres anything like it and found one that looks like it. 



Is there any problems that might arise from the (cheap?) replacement from eBay?




P.S I tried searching/googling this question but I'm not even sure how to formulate the question properly.

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It says it's made for your PSU, so I don't see the problem.


They use the term "E-Series", which makes me think it might actually be a Cablemod brand cable.


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