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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

Hi guys, 


I'm fixing someone's PC. The guy complained that his PC wouldn't boot to the 'right windows' anymore (it booted to Vista when I tried it; he said he had win10 on it). Now, win10 was installed on the SSD and vista on the HDD. The SSD was properly installed and plugged in, but it didn't show up in the bios of the OG PC. Then I went ahead and put the SSD in my own PC with my own cables to check if it'd show up there. It didn't. My question to you guys: how many dead SATA cables may I have (they're not very high quality, but last time I used they worked fine + I already dusted the connector) or is this SSD bust (it was secondhand bought a few months ago, but I haven't heard of any horror stories like this one).

Thanks in advance, hope to hear from someone soon.

EDIT: I've tried 3 SATA cables so far.
EDIT 2: It's officially dead.

Edited by Lennart van de Merwe
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