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Cheeseburger Apocalypse

Laptop Suddenly Shuts down

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I'm having an old laptop,

and im not running such a resource hungry games.


Geforce 425M




Car mechanic simulator 2018(this would be the most resource hungry game between these i guess) so i switched to 2015 version

my summer car

world of tanks


i used to play GTA 5 on this laptop back when GTA5 first launched on medium settings... but now i cant even load GTA 5 anymore, it shuts down the moment it opens the loading screen.


and it works fine as long as i do some youtube, documentation , and all other works, but as soon as i launch any game, it just suddenly shuts down...

No over heating, and i disconnected the fan controller and the fans runs at full speed from the moment i turn the laptop on.

and i've checked , there are no high usage on ram, cpu, gpu

Any Ideas what could it be?


UPDATE: i did stress tests, on RAM, CPU, GPU...no issues there, no shutdowns, no errors...it seems as the moment i open any game, it shuts down...so far it only worked on minecraft win10 edition and my summer car.

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i've had faulty chargers cause this behaviour before. does it do this when it's on battery?

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