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Installing a 1.8kg cpu cooler a good idea?

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3 minutes ago, Voylinslife said:




This won't damage the motherboard, unless you move it around then it could get loose and wreck havoc if it's not properly secure.

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5 minutes ago, Voylinslife said:

This is the cooler I would like to install in my case, I'm usin the AM4 socket but wondering if this cooler is maybe a bit on the heavy side and if it can cause damage when being mounted  because of it's weight or if it can damage the board when moving my pc.

Anybody has experience with this?

umm, would not really recommend unless you have a strong mobo, for example 

gigabyte recommends a may of 450 gram cooler (read it somewhere could be old info)

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NH-D15 is 1.32kg with fans, so as long as the mounting is proper, I wouldn't worry too much when it is sitting still. Wouldn't recommend doing any kind of sudden movements (bumps, drops etc) when moving it though.

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Don't move your PC after it's built then, though as long as it's not some really cheap board it should be fine

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Posted · Original PosterOP
5 minutes ago, Jurrunio said:

Don't move your PC after it's built then, though as long as it's not some really cheap board it should be fine

It's a gigabyte B450M S2H, not sure if it's considered a cheap board or not, was expensive for me at least 😛

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Go for it, just make sure your screws are all down and your board is snug to the standoffs, better make sure those are snug too. Nothing wrong with big heavy coolers if it’s performance your after.

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5 hours ago, Srijan Verma said:

umm, would not really recommend unless you have a strong mobo, for example 

gigabyte recommends a may of 450 gram cooler (read it somewhere could be old info)

Allow me to clear things. The mobo weight limits are for coolers that don't use backplate (aka push pins or other such things). As those coolers will rely on mobo PCB strength only. If cooler uses backplate, there are no weight limits. The reason is that then backplate distributes weight over whole motherboard. So with larger coolers (and remember we are talking this after Noctua D14/15/S, be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 1/2/3/4, Cryorig R1 Ultimate and Phanteks PH-TC14PE have been a thing for long time), the backplate is the key. Also making sure motherboard is tightly in place. In that situation, only dropping case from significant height will break something. For example case falling over won't cause anything.


@Voylinslife, go for it if the cooler is otherwise something you want. Weight of the cooler doesn't always translate to cooling performance.

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