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Power Supply

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I am confused about my power supple. It is a 800w power supply and has 2 6-pin cables for the gpu I think. But then there is a pci-express connector on it. My question is if I buy a gpu that requires an 8-pin connector can I just connect it through the pci-express connector?. 





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The 8 pin is for PCIe. 6 pins are for periferials and stuff like sata. If your power supply PCIe cable has a 6+2 or an 8 pin you can do that. 

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> Moved to Cases & Power Supplies and fixed the uploaded image.


What model power supply is that? 


The red 8pin connectors on the power supply are for the GPU (PCIe) power cables. These are for powering graphics cards.

The black 6pin connectors on the power supply are for SATA/Peripheral ("molex") cables. These are for powering things like HDDs, SSDs, Fans/Fan hubs, etc.

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57 minutes ago, Spotty said:

What model power supply is that? 



Looks like an ancient Thermaltake.


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3 hours ago, jonnyGURU said:

Looks like an ancient Thermaltake.

Or should we rather say vintage.

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