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UMC22 with DT 990 250?

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Unfortuantly, I already know this has been asked and answered a lot of times, but all the answers I could find was "Get a better amp".


I got a u-phoria umc22 together with my AT2020 mic, and was looking into buying a nice pair og headsets, that I prefer to be open end. 

I've look into the DT 990, but realized the horrors behind Ohm's and what they require for strength to run it. I'm usually having my headphones at 40-60% volume, which might help a little due to the "weaker" amp I got.


Would this be reasonable to purchase the DT 990 250 ohm headphones and plug it into my UMC22 or would it be stuck at either a horrible sound or not powering to 50% ish volume?


Best regards

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I believe I've seen this asked before so I'll answer the same way. I have the UMC1820, the very big brother of your interface and have never had an issue with headphone volume (never go above 30%), the amp in it is extremely powerful. From the outside it looks like your headphone circuit is the same as mine and as such I can only assume yours is the same, if it is I wouldn't think you'd have an issue driving headphones like that but if you did there are cheap headphone amps available from just about everywhere (often designed for studios so the artist can hear themselves). 


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