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Disney+ not working in 4k

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Posted · Original PosterOP


I was in touch with Disney support a few days ago to see why 4K content isn't working  on Disney+. 

I am using an xbox one x connected to a non HDR 4K tv. Netflix and Prime both display 4K no problem. 

So why is it they tell me it's because my TV isn't supported, I wouldn't have thought that mattered as the xbox would be doing the rendering of the content.


I mean if 4K isn't available in the UK because there will be a surge of people because it's only just launched or because of covid19 I get that. But why not just say that. 


Anyway the question is am I right to assume that I was just fobbed off and should it make a difference since my tv isn't the one connecting to the service. 


Thank you

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