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Not getting advertised speed with SHAW

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hey guys, i been noticing a super slow internet speed l8tly. speedtest.net is giving me a consistent 150mbs down BUT im paying for 600. Im connected with CAT6 cable and my pc i not even 6 months old. Now i contacted shaw and they said its a limitation of my hardware in my pc wich i call bullshit on. Then he said that it could be my router to wich i said i do not use a router i use the modem SHAW provided me for my speed wich is a a BlueCurv  here is a link to there pos im using. Any ideas on what i should do? No switching providers is not a option as they all suck in my area worst than shaw.

My MOBO is a MSI B450M Bazooka V2 with a Ryzen 3600

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Shaws infrastructure is shit basically everywhere


I'm gonna lean on that it just started slowing down recently? I'd say it's because everyone's at home and peak hour is 24/7 now

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Posted · Original PosterOP

ya im thinking there purposely throttling internet speeds. I mean im not even getting 75% of my advertised internet speed....its going to take me 1.5 hrs to download APEX LEGENDS from ORIGIN! What is this the 90s!!!

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I know it's anecdotal but here's what I'm getting on Shaw in Calgary on my 600 plan



It's probably just the traffic on the backhaul from everyone being at home.

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Is your nic showing a 1gig connection to the router?


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