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So a few months ago, I made a topic asking about M.2 drives.  I was looking to get a 1 TB one to expand my storage.  Well, I've decided to possibly abandon that idea as I've just now taken stock of what games I have and what games I plan to get and have found that, combined, they account for more than 1 TB.  So now I'm mulling over the idea of either getting a single 2 TB drive or getting a pair of drives, one being 1 TB while the other is between 512 GB and 1 TB if the price was right.  I'd be getting the two separate ones to save money but I'd rather have just one to keep things tidy both in terms of managing games and in my PC case.  So I'm looking for opinions and/or recommendations on what I should do.

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Both solution have pro and cons but I would go for a single 2TB drive.

Easier to manage, one slot used instead of two, so one free slot and you can expand in the future.

Theoretically also longer drive life, and bigger drives also have faster speed (due to more free space), tough these two points will probably be negligible.




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