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Urgent help Needed

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Dear Memebers,

This is probably in the wrong section, But im in a complete state of panic.

I deleted (shift+delete) the one drive folder in C drive thinking it was just an offline copy of onedrive(which i never use). I have been having a difficult day and i got the c drive fill message and lost it, and that is why i removed the one drive folder. It removed all the contents of my desktop(which had a lot of important files i'm working on), pictures documents, etc. All my folders are gone. Worst possible day for Google drive to not be syncing.


I have run Recuva and it hasn't helped one bit.



PC 1: CPU: i7 8700@4.3 Ghz     GPU:gtx 1070@2050Mhz/4000Mhz     MOTHERBOARD:Gigabyte H310m       RAM: DDR4 2666       POWERSUPPLY: Great Wall 650W  

SSD:SanDisk 120GB   HDD: Toshiba 1TB.         

KEYBOARD: Redragon Kumara 10keyless    MOUSE: Logitech G402   MOUSE PAD: goliathus control xl.   MONITOR: Acer ED347CKR+ LG 25UM58  Speakers: Edifier R1280T+Polk psw505.


PC 2: CPU: r9 3900x     GPU:RTX 2070 super     MOTHERBOARD: Aorus x570 ultra      RAM: hyper-x 3200      POWERSUPPLY: evga 650g5 modular 

SSD: 1Tb silicon power PCIe Gen3        

KEYBOARD: Redragon VARA    MOUSE: Logitech G402   MOUSE PAD: goliathus control xl.   MONITOR: AOC 27" + Dell 24" 1080p



Laptop: Thinkpad t450s i7 5600u/8gb/ 240gb.                        


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i dont know any good software for it but you want to make sure you dont write anything to that drive at the moment so nothing gets overwritten.

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