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WHS Sound Guy

Home School with Folding at Home (Path to first place)

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Yesterday, my sister took on a large math problem involving the LTT folding team stats. The attached graph is what was created to determine when our team, LinusTechTips_Team, will overtake the other folding teams above it.  At this pace we will catch CureCoin on Nov 19th, 2020. All credit for the math work goes to my sister on this one! The colored graph below shows each time and the intersecting points mark the days until the team is passed. "The lines represent the total points each of the top four teams will have, as time passes, given their present rates of change." As of yesterday, "in 38 days, LTT will pass EVGA and in 88 days, pass Default. It will take until November for LTT to pass CureCoin and be first, so keep folding!" - Quotes from my sister. LinusTechTips_Team is going strong. I myself am folding for the team and donating my computer power when I am not editing video. Let's get LTT up the charts!


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