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Nvidea or Amd for Wolcen Lords of Mayhem

Ok it was just because of the Clock speeds of the Gpus

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello to everyone reading this 


So i wanted to test if my old 1050 ti was still working so i put it in my Pc and all Then i wanted to test it in a Game so i Started Wolcen to my Surprice it got better Framerates and Frametimes than my new Rx 590 can someone please Explaine this to me because i didn't understand why that is

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Did you DDU the Nvidia drivers before installing the 590? Sounds like you have a software mess and amalgamation of drivers from different OEMs conflicting

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48 minutes ago, SpamHelo said:

And its Only in Wolcen in any other Game or Benchmark my 590 is Better


Could be some broken setting in the game that doesn't register and render properly - it's a bit janky of a game soooo

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