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Used vs. New Hardware

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I am planning on building a PC for light gaming.  I need recommendations for the GPU and Motherboard.


These are the parts that I am planning on using:

i3 9100f (already have it) ~ Using the stock cooler

8GB DDR4 2400MHz (already have it)

B365 Motherboard;  Used Option, New Option ~ I would like to stay under $80

600w 80+ Thermaltake Power Supply (already have it)

240GB SSD (already have it)

1TB 7200rpm HDD (already have it)

DIYPC Solo-T2-BK (already have it)

For the GPU i'm not really sure, I was thinking RX 570 or RX 580, or GTX 970 or 980 ~ I would like to stay under $130 (I've found the RX 570 & GTX 970 are selling for about $90 including shipping, and the RX 580 & GTX 980 are selling for $110)


I was wondering if it would be worth buying used hardware when for $20 more I can get a brand new B365 Motherboard and for $30 more I can get a brand new RX 570.  I am completely open to changing the GPU and Motherboard options I've gathered if you can find something better or that makes more sense.  Any input is greatly appreciated! 


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Posted · Original PosterOP
22 minutes ago, boggy77 said:

i'm not very knowledgeble in intel motherboards, but definitely go for the asus rx570. the blower style gpus aren't great.

Ok, thanks!


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i would take the Pro 4 just because it have a heatsink so if you want to put let say I7 9700F or I9 9900F maybe it would work. Well there is a Mobo VRM list im gonna check it tehre


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