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Corsair RGB troubleshooting

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hi everyone,

I have 6 LL120 fans.

I have all 6 RGB headers connected to the lighting node and a Thermaltake Commander FP.

Now the problem is that random individual LED's flicker on and off at random times. First I thought it was a faulty fan but since it happens to all fans I doubt they are all faulty since. Sometimes 2-3 fans just completely turn of the lights for a second. Even the lighting on the cpu block of my H100i keeps changing color or flickering.


The only things that are behaving like they should are my RAM (Vengeance RGB Pro) and 1 fan (it's connected to slot 1 of the lighting node).

Also, iCue doesn't seem to be able to properly drive or connect the rgb lighting of the fans. For instance, when I want to edit the fan colours, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. If I want to disable all fan rgb lights it still keeps 1 or 2 led's burning. So I basicly have no real controle over the lighting.

I've tried installing the older iCue software but that didn't help.

Anyone have an idea of what I could do to solve this problem or the best way to troubleshoot this.

The only other lighting software I have is Asus Auro for my graphics card and motherboard but those are both set to a static color and the software isn't running at the moment.


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Remove the other RGB software completely. They will conflict with each other.


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