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Help. Uninstalled Samsung Nvme 960 driver. Now can’t boot to windows

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello. I was trying to update my NVMe 960 driver to the latest version 3.3. When I downloaded the exe file from Samsung site .. I clicked on the uninstall option and rebooted my pc. Since my OS is installed on that NVME.. I can no longer boot up to windows 10. instead it takes me to some blue setup scree menu where I can reinstall Windows, use command prompt, system restore etc..

I should of never uninstalled but thought I needed to do that before I install the new driver version. 

Is their anyway I can install the .exe driver file via command prompt or am I out of luck and have to reinstall my entire pc

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You can try doing it by going to Advanced options > Command prompt > type in notepad and hit enter> Choose File then Open from the contextual menu > locate the C drive and the (I assume) Users/(your username)/Downloads folder and when you find the app right-click and hit open.


If it launches, locate the installer to the C drive, not to the X drive.

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