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Can I fix these headphones?

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Posted (edited) · Original PosterOP

So I have a pair of hyperx headphones with an aux running from the headset and plugging into a small control box, where it leads to a usb. The aux cord has been cut. I think I could fix it if I still had the reset of the aux, but I don't. It's got more wires than other aux cords Ive seen too. One black, with two cords inside, metalic red and metalic gold. The other, white, has three inside: metalic red and geen, metalic blue, and metalic green. Anyone know how to make this work? I can solder and heat shrink wrap it. Idc if the box controls dont work, the audio is all that matters. Thank you for reading!

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I mean, she's broke. You can break it anymore can you? Give it a shot. 

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Splice it up and just reconnect the red-white (positive and negative cables).

Headphones is not rocket science. They can last forever as long as the speakers are good.

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In my hyperx cloud the little cables inside had insulation and burning it didn't work, I had to scrape it with knife, sanding seems to work better according to this vid:


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