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Parsec WOL

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I have been looking for a good solution for editing and working on a laptop without buying a nice laptop on top of my desktop, and after watching the parsec video, this seems like a great solution. I tested it out yesterday and was surprised with the responsiveness even over 200mbps wifi. The issue I ran into was that I have no way to wake my pc remotely. What is the simplest solution for this? I was looking into WOL and tried setting it up, although my network card has the WOL option grayed out and my LAN doesn't have the power management tab. I've already enabled WOL in my BIOS so I'm not sure why I can't do this. Even if I get WOL to work, I don't believe I can remotely get past the log in screen. Does teamviewer have a better solution? I just want to edit from my laptop, so I'll go for whatever solution works, doesn't have to be pretty. Thank!

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