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microsoft 365 shared mailbox email forwarding

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hoping someone can point me in the correct direction


What im hoping to do is setup a generic shared mail box in office 365 exchange with a heap of Alias attached to them with a forward rule applied based on witch alias it was sent to,


My think is as followed -

when a email arrives into the shared mailbox with its original destination being abc@domain, it forwards off to abc@hotmail (each alias will forward onto a different email address)

the alias can be easily managed by an excel spread sheet (or other easy to manage database) then uploaded or sync via powershell or microsoft flow.


i know i can just setup new email accounts\ shared mail boxes for each individual account and apply a forwards to them, but wounding if the purposed way is possible, as this will help keep the portal somewhat clean


any suggestions, info, or links to ideas will be greatly appreciated

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Go on and start testing? The premise seems to be already well thought. Only real way to know if it works for you is to setup small test, like 5 aliases and send some tests using external account. Or possibly even one of the aliases.

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