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No display after changing AMD gpu settings.

It won't brick it. Try restarting. Especially if you had auto apply settings after reboot off.

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Posted · Original PosterOP


RX 480 4GB


2x4gb 2666mhz ddr4

Thermaltake something-or-other 600W

MSI B250M Bazooka

Windows 10 64 Bit



Recently, I was adjusting my GPU fan curve in the Radeon Software, when I decided to change the limits on the GPU. I did not overclock the gpu, but rather set set the vram, clock speed, and power consumption limits to 150% for hopefully a little more performance. When I clicked apply, (At this point the fan curve was already applied) the Display turned black. I have tried multiple cables, gpu output slots, etc, to no avail. I unfortunately have no error codes due the display being off. The PC is currently still running, (Fans and lights fully on) so I was wondering if it would be safe to shut down the pc (This would mean cutting the power, b/c my power button is configured to only cut power, and turn on the PC, though I normally shut down using software) and boot it, presumably fixing the issue. However, given my only option is to cut power, would this potentially somehow brick the GPU? Any Help on solving this would be greatly appreciated! : )


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