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I plan to use it for gaming and occasional image editing/rendering

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7 minutes ago, Apelo said:

I plan to use it for gaming and occasional image editing/rendering

I guess my only question is why are you going with a R5 1600? There are much better chips out now. You could drop the Hyper 212 and custom cables, add a few more dollars, and get a 3000 series CPU. That deal is pretty solid tho, fo 85 bucks that is a lot of CPU, ill give ya that.

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White Lightning (original full watercooled build) - Homelab / Media Server - The Blue Beast (my car and other expensive hobby...) - iPhone Xs - 2018 MacBook Air

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Like LIGISTIX said you can get a 3000 series cpu. Newegg has been recently having insane discounts. Wait a while.

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Case wise- I recommend the Phanteks P400A or P300A, as the P400A is the same case you've picked out, but it has a mesh front for a lot better airflow and thermals. Right now though, the P400A is sold out, so a very similar case would be the P300A, but the P400A is better if you can find it.

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