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Do I need a GPU upgrade or a new system?

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Posted · Original PosterOP

Hello Everybody.


I have the following System that I bought on December 2011:


CPU: i7-2600K Overclocked @ 4.0Ghz  - I've had it working on 4.5Ghz for years, but then i slowed it back like 2 years ago to 4Ghz for how old it is now, not because it cant.

Motherboard: ASUS P8P67 REV 3.0 LGA 1155 

Memory: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz- 2x4GB Corsair Vengeance /  2x4GB  Kingston HyperX   

GPU: GTX 1070 8GB EVGA ACX 3.0

PSU: Thermaltake TR2 600W non certified

Monitor: Dell S2716DG - G-sync 144Hz at 1440p


So now that you know what I'm working with, last comment would be: I mainly game and watch movies/videos, therefore all I want is to get the most out of my monitor (144Hz and G-sync).


Should I get a new RTX 3000's; maybe a 3060 or most likely a 3070 when they come out, or build a new system with a Ryzen 7 3700X for future proofing (I dont plan to replace a new system in less than 5 years) and wait around a year and a half for next gen of GPUs (maybe RTX 4000's). I'm open to current Nvidia and Radeon GPUs but I don't know what the best option would be, so I'm open to any suggestions.


For a GPU I wouldn't spend more than $500 USD and for a new system I already have made a build on PCPARTPICKER for around $800 USD which would be my top at the moment.


Thank you for your feedback.

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3 minutes ago, Esparza89 said:

I mainly game

What games?

Main System: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G, 2x8GB Kingston Valueram @ 2666Mhz, Sapphire Radeon R9 290X, Gigabyte A320M-S2H, Kingston 120Gb M.2 SSD, WD Blue 2.5 Inch 1tb HDD, Cooler Master MWE450, Aerocool CS-100, Dell P2210 1680x1050 OC 70Hz, E-Blue Memcanical "RGB" Keyboard, Logitech MX Anywhere 2S | Laptop: HP ProBook X360 G1 EE: Pentium N4200 @ 1.1Ghz, 4Gb DDR3 1600Mhz 128Gb SSD Linux + Windows Dual Boot | FREENAS/Minecraft Server: Dell OptiPlex 7010: Celeron G1610 @ 2.6Ghz 8GB DDR3 Ram, 500GB Single HDD | Mothballed Optiplex: Celeron G1820, 0Gb Ram, 250Gb HDD

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imo, I'd say a new build would yield the best results for what you're trying to achieve. What games do you typically play? That would also factor into what kind of build you need me thinks. :D

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Posted · Original PosterOP

I mainly play AAA single player titles, I'm not much of a multiplayer guy anymore, I'm all about good graphics and great story at this point.


I haven't bought the new Tomb Raider or Red Dead Redemption 2 yet, but i'm planning to.

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