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Please help this newbie out

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Posted · Original PosterOP

So, since a while back my pc is having an issue. 

It occurs everytime in the morning when I want to turn on my pc, what happens is this: when i press the on button for the first time of the day, my pc doest turn on, only the ethernet light does. Then I hold my power button until the ligbt goes off. I then press the button one more time and then my pc turns on normally.


But today my pretty much froze completely, making me have to turn on/off again However, this time it didnt turn on for a long time. After a while I even opened it up, checked all the cables and ports, yet everything seemed fine, so i put it back together, all of a sudden it turned on again. 


Now a couple hours later it froze again, yet i cant get it to turn on this time. After trying unplugging, turning on/off, nothing worked


What can I do/try?


I added a sc of all my parts


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