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Need Advice on Ryzen 5 3600 Overcloking

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Posted · Original PosterOP

1. I will be using ryzen master to apply the overclocks because its simple enough, i had a look into the bios and there was just too much stuff and i didnt know what to change so the question is that does applying an overclock everytime i play effect the pc in a harmful way? like from 1v 3,6ghz to 1,1v 4,1ghz <- my current overclock and ive got no idea is it enough.
2. How much volt(s) (value) do i need to efficiently run the planned 4,1ghz speed? is my currently set 1,1 enough as is?
3. When i first booted up this new pc clock was set to 4,2ghz and the volts were 1,375 - 1,4+ with fluctuations and the voltage jumps caused the cpu temps to jump between 38c-71c on light load and up to 87c on cinebench 20.
4. Yes yes im a new ryzen user and the voltage jumps or rather spikes that this cpu does are terrifying imo and honestly dont know if i should be worried about that ive just heard that voltage spiking like that would be number 1 cause of cpu deaths etc.

EDIT: i now tried only 4ghz with 1v and the pc crashed to a black screen and restarted and the windows loading cog or whatever just spun on a blackscreen for 4 minutes.

Thanks in advance guys here are some pics from Ryzen master and Cpuz




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